Our Spiritual Leaders

Community Head Rabbi and Rebbetzin

Rabbi David & Renee Shaw

Rabbi Shaw, originally from Johannesburg, has had a diverse and extensive career in Jewish education and music. After studying in Israel, he returned to South Africa and served as an officer and army chaplain in the SADF. Later, he became Head of Jewish Studies at Carmel School in Pretoria and served as a cantor at Victory Park Shul. He played a significant role in establishing educational programs and inspiring others to pursue rabbinical studies.

Moving to various educational roles, he eventually joined Moriah College in Australia in 1999, where he established a renowned Department of Informal Jewish Studies. He also served as a cantor at the Hugo Lowy Synagogue in Australia for ten years. With over 25 years of experience, his teaching style and energy have impacted numerous students.

In 2009, he became the Dean at the JLC, conducting learning sessions and public Shiurim, specializing in teaching people how to learn effectively. In 2011, Rabbi Shaw moved back to South African and Sandton Shul has been his home ever since.

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