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Embrace the legacy of Beth Hamedresh Hagadol Sandton – affectionately known as Sandton Shul. From humble beginnings back in 1968, to a thriving community of hundreds of families in the heart of Sandton. Join us for daily minyanim or over Shabbos for spiritual upliftment and vibrant Torah learning. Experience our beautiful campus facilities and connect with our warm community members.

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A vibrant Beis Midrash offers plenty of opportunity for shiurim, chaburas as well as one-on-one learning. Join us before and after davening, morning and afternoon or be in touch with one of the many Rabbaim to arrange a chavrusa at a time convenient to you. There are learning opportunities in all spheres of Torah, including Gemara, Mishnayos, Chumash, Mussar, philosophical works and language skills. No matter what your level or experience, there will be something for you.

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Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, discover a warm and welcoming community, rich traditions, and a place to nourish your soul in the heart of the Morningside.

With daily minyanim and learning, you won’t miss a beat while away from home. There are several kosher food options and three hotels within 500 meters if the Shul. Alternatively, enjoy Shabbos meals being hosted by one of many warm community families.

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